Financial Services


We advise regularly banks, specialized lenders, pension fund administrators, capital markets operators, insurance companies and private equity fund managers and investors.

Much of our significant work for these financial services firms has been covered under the “Practice” rubrics “Corporate”, “Capital Markets” and “Lending”. No useful purpose would be served by repeating them here. Only our private equity work calls for extended mention here.

For more than a decade, we have worked with several of the most active private equity general partners (“GPs”) in Nigeria on some of their most significant transactions.

One of the most notable of these has been an investment by a private equity “GP” firm and several vehicles controlled by wealthy individuals in what has now become Nigeria’s largest telephone company.

That investment, made at the start-up stage and with both debt and equity features, is widely regarded as the single most successful private equity investment in Nigerian history.

Since that investment, we have advised a wide range of parties to both “impact” and classic private equity investment transactions: general partners; limited partners; promoters; investee companies; founders; and lenders.

We have advised on these equity investments in a wide range of sectors of the economy: manufacturing; telecommunications; electronic payments; oil service; hotels; electric power generation; real estate; insurance; microfinance; healthcare; banking; and food products.

We have advised on “GP” vehicle formation, on fund formation, on early stage equity investments and on later stage equity investments.

We have also advised on exits by private sales, initial public offerings and by listings, on mergers and acquisitions, on debt investments (sometimes by way of loans, at other times by subscribing to debt offerings) and on disputes over issues that have become contentious.


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