We have represented a global multinational oil company taxpayer group in three important income tax cases. We represented leading tax accountants in appellate litigation over the tax powers of local governments under the Constitution.

We have successfully defended one of Nigeria’s oldest manufacturing groups in a dispute about the impact of value added tax legislation on intra-group transactions, and a hotel operator in another dispute about taxes at local government level.

We have advised on cases involving mergers, acquisitions and other struggles for the control of business enterprises and attempts to frustrate anticipated changes of control of businesses. We have represented sellers, buyers, targets and shareholders in these cases.

The cases have included attempts to unwind a privatization trade sale of an insurer as well as attempts to stop an impending acquisition of a bank, an airline company and a telephone company.

We have also been active in defending financial institutions against class-action claims, largely new to Nigerian practice, filed against them in the names of their customers in one instance and in the names of their employees in another.

On disputes arising from securities offerings, we have been involved in arbitral proceedings, in the courts and before arbitral tribunals. Some of the disputes have had only two parties. One of them had forty-three parties.

We have represented parties alleged to have violated securities regulations in disputes with the regulators. Our clients in these disputes include issuers, underwriters, registrars, managers of offerings and directors and officers of issuers.

We have also advised a variety of parties to civil claims relating to securities offerings: issuers against subscribers; issuers against disaffected shareholders and other stakeholders; subscribers against issuers; issuers against managers and underwriters; and managers and underwriters against issuers.



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