Many of our corporate, banking, securities and real estate transactions have been tax-driven, and we have done extensive contentious work for leading taxpayers.

We have advised extensively on whether or not for tax reasons to organize or re-organize entities as statutory corporations or as regular limited liability companies, partnerships or trusts.

We have advised leading foreign multinational enterprises, private equity and “special situations” investors on structuring both debt and equity investments in Nigerian companies.

Our other tax clients have included Nigerian groups of companies seeking corporate re-organizations to achieve greater tax efficiency and multilateral institutions seeking tax exemption certifications.

We have also advised on establishing and restructuring managed funds consisting of financial assets to achieve minimal tax exposure, and counselled unincorporated charitable organizations seeking juristic personality with tax-exempt status.

In every securitization transaction that we have advised on, developing innovative solutions to the tax challenges arising has been critical to the completion and success of the transactions.

We have advised real estate developers and other investors on structures to manage their exposure to capital gains tax, income tax, stamp duty and the diverse States (as distinct from Federal) taxes that would ordinarily burden their operations.

We have counselled several corporate taxpayers on informal attempts to resolve their differences with the authorities, usually in respect of withholding tax, pay-as-you-earn deductions and stamp duty.

We have also represented a number of the nation’s largest taxpayers and leading tax accountants in both informal administrative proceedings and in litigation in the courts at every level.


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