There are five principal dimensions our employment law practice: pensions; executive employment agreements; immigration; tax; and disputes.

We have advised extensively on independent consultancy and employment contracts for executive employees and full-time consultants (including director employees and officer employees who are not directors).

We advise on pensions regulation, on setting up and amending pension schemes, on establishing and operating employee share incentive schemes, and on life and other insurance arrangements for employees, officers and directors.

The issues that we have counselled on also include unionization and collective bargaining arrangements for “workers” and other employees especially in the context of mergers, acquisitions and corporate re-organizations.

We also advise on the employment regulation aspects of the sequelae of mergers and acquisitions transactions. Among these are regulatory approvals for “transfers” of employees and of the “secondment” of expatriates.

We have also advised employers seeking or already with expatriate employees on compliance with regulations governing immigration, work permit, tax and foreign currency remittances.


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